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"Forward in '14"

Lissa Squiers is an Elizabeth Warren style Democrat: a progressive populist.  As a community activist, Lissa reaches out when she sees injustice, and speaks back to power as an advocate of the people. Her outreach efforts have earned her the endorsement of a wide assortment of grass roots organizers and community leaders. 2014 is Lissa's third run for Congress, and her numbers keep improving.  Culberson's going to have a real fight on his hands this fall!


"We Can Do This"

In 2012, the redistricting battle scrambled the primary election process, leaving candidates unsure which seat to file for, what neighborhoods to canvass, and who they might be running against. Lissa kept her sights on Culberson, through it all. Her campaign remained focused on the issues and her own positions, ignoring the carnival atmosphere permeating the primary at large. That above-the-fray approach won her more votes than either of her primary opponents.  Between elections, Lissa remained active, participating in Occupy Houston rallies, a Trayvon Martin rally, and several Democratic Women's events.


"I'm taking John Culberson's job"

Lissa originally decided to enter politics when she heard on television that Culberson, the worst rated US Congressional incumbent, had no Democratic opponent in 2010. She jumped in with gusto, bringing to the campaign trail the skills she'd developed as a mother and an accountant. That first run as a write-in candidate taught Lissa the campaign process and introduced her to the local political players. She won many fans and a few true friends, who now assist her in her continuing efforts.

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“Send me a Congress in 2014 that wants to build a road. Send me a Congress in 2014 that cares about the middle class. Send me a Congress in 2014 that will help me create jobs and fight global warming. Then and ONLY then will we get things done.” -- President Obama